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Suzhou Napo Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Nanopolis Suzhou, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province. It is a technology-based enterprise that provides comprehensive material solutions from nano-powder preparation to special engineering plastics to carbon fiber composite materials. The founder was selected as the “Double Creation” talent plan of Jiangsu Province in 2013. In 2016, he was selected as the “leader” of Suzhou Industrial Park. In 2018, he was awarded the honorary title of “The First Batch of Gusu Innovation and Entrepreneur Leading Talents”. The company benchmarked the Japanese benchmarking enterprises, targeting itself on the development of original materials and the replacement of imported materials. Focus on the core technology of materials and strictly follow the ISO quality system.

The R&D team consists of Japanese experts and well-known domestic professors and returnees. After years of technical accumulation, it has the core modification technology of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), and has obtained Japan and domestic invention patents of a number of modified special engineering plastics PPS formulations and technologies. It developed a series of original material technologies, including nano-fingerprint identification liquid, ultra-high wear-resistant special engineering plastic PPS, extrusion-grade special engineering plastic polyphenylene sulfide, notebook computer materials that meet new environmental protection technology, a core component of hydrogen energy battery, polyphenylene sulfide carbon fiber composite materials and so forth. They have filled the domestic gap, and some products are at the international advanced level, and some indicators far exceed the standards of similar foreign products. The existing product series are widely used in automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, equipment, aerospace, profiles and all kinds of fields to meet various functional requirements such as heat conduction (heat dissipation), electric conduction, anti-static, flame retardance, wave-absorbing, high wear resistance, electrical insulation, electromagnetic shielding, hydrolysis resistance, high and low temperature resistance, impact resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, low gas permeability, strengthening & toughening and so forth.

Adhering to the mission of Your Innovation, Our Chemistry and following the value of creating maximum value for customers, NAPO will increase investment as always on R&D, production, quality and service, working on polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) R&D and production to meet the customer's existing needs and future needs from product selection design, material design, mold development, injection molding site guidance, etc., to provide customers with a full range of polyphenylene sulfide ( PPS) Special Engineering Plastics Solutions.

Development History
  • Obtained the honorary title of “the first batch of private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province in 2018”.

  • General Manager Zhou Xuanquan won the honorary title of “The First Batch of Gusu Innovation and Entrepreneur Leading Talents in 2018”.

  • Passed an utility model patent: "Application Publication No. CN206906291U Clamping mechanism for electric heating film inspection and electric heating film detecting device".

  • Passed one invention patent: "Application Publication No.: CN107010614A Carbon nanomaterials.

  • Passed two invention patents: "Application Publication No.: CN106925149A Static Mixer and Mixing Device", "Application Publication No.: CN106928710A Polyphenylene Sulfide Composite Material and Preparation Method".

  • Invested in the establishment of "Suzhou Noen Composite Materials Co., Ltd" that focused on the research and development of carbon fiber composite materials.

  • Received the “2016 Suzhou Industrial Park Shortage Talent Training Program Subsidy”.

  • General Manager Zhou Xuanquan was awarded the “10th Science and Technology Leading Talents in Suzhou Industrial Park” and the “Inorganic Powder Nanotechnology and Composite Functional Polymer Materials” project was named “Leading Growth Project”.

  • It successfully listed in Suzhou Equity Exchange Center.

  • General Manager Zhou Xuanquan was awarded the honorary title of “The 7th Jinji Lake Double Hundred Talents Program Technology Leader”.

  • Cooperated with schools and enterprises such as Suzhou University of Science and Technology and establish an off-campus practice base.

  • Registered as “Suzhou Nayong New Material Technology Co., Ltd.” and settled in Suzhou Nano City, the largest integrated nanotechnology application industry community in the world.

  • Acquired a high-tech achievement transformation project

  • Received funding from the National Innovation Fund

  • Received the title of “Innovative Model” in Shanghai

  • Acquired the title of Zhabei District Entrepreneur Star Enterprise

  • Received funding from the Shanghai Innovation Fund

  • Third Prize of Shanghai Zhabei District Science and Technology Innovation Award

  • The founder was selected for the “Double Creation” talent program in Jiangsu Province