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Our mission: commit to the original development and import substitution of PPS materials, accelerate the innovation of industrial products, and contribute to the development of human society and the improvement of living standards.

The research and development team of Suzhou NAPO Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of Japanese experts and well-known domestic professors and returnees. After years of technical accumulation, it has the core modification technology of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) obtained Japan invention patents and domestic invention patents of a number of modified special engineering plastics PPS formulations and technologies.The company has developed a series of original material technologies, including nano-fingerprint identification liquid, ultra-high wear-resistant special engineering plastic PPS, extrusion-grade special engineering plastic polyphenylene sulfide, notebook computer materials that meet new environmental protection technology, a core component of hydrogen energy battery, polyphenylene sulfide carbon fiber composite materials and so forth. They have filled the domestic gap, and some products are at the international advanced level, and some indicators far exceed the standards of similar foreign products.

The existing product series are widely used in automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, equipment, aerospace, profiles and all kinds of fields to meet various functional requirements such as heat conduction (heat dissipation), electric conduction, anti-static, flame retardance, wave-absorbing, high wear resistance, electrical insulation, electromagnetic shielding, hydrolysis resistance, high and low temperature resistance, impact resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, low gas permeability, enhanced toughening and so forth. We can provide one-stop special engineering plastic solutions for customers starting from product design.

NAPO Underlying Material Technology

Carbon nanomaterial

Thermosetting carbon fiber composite material CFRP

Thermoplastic carbon fiber composite material CFRTP

Polymer modified material

Nanodispersion technology

additive synthesis

Nano powder preparation technology

Polymer alloy technology

Powder/fiber modification technology

Napo pps
material technology

PPS carbon fiber fiber reinforced material

PPS extrusion board bar material

PPS original customized development materials

PPS base continuous carbon fiber composite prepreg

PPS functional materials: wear, electrical, thermal

Nanodispersion technology

Auxiliary technology for PPS

Equipment design technology

Powder/fiber modification technology

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