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Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyphenylene Sulfide

Product characteristics

PPS-P301C30 is a 30% carbon fiber reinforced polyphenylene sulfide material with high mechanical strength, high modulus, chemical resistance and heat resistance.


This product is mainly used to make precision instruments such as bearings, sealing parts, electrodes, etc.

Technical parameters

Physical Propertyunit
Testing StandardTest Result
Densityg/cm3ISO 11831.44
Molding shrinkage-Parallel flow direction%ISO 294-40.3
Molding shrinkage-Vertical flow direction%ISO 294-40.6
Water absorption rate(23℃,24Hrs)%ISO 620.04

Mechanical PropertyunitTesting StandardTest Result
Tensile StrengthMPaISO 527160.0
Flexural StrengthMPaISO 178275.0
Flexural ModulusGPaISO 17823.0
Charpy Impact StrengthkJ/m2ISO 17930.0
Charpy Notched Impact StrengthkJ/m2ISO 1798.5

Thermal propertyunitTesting StandardTest Result
Melting PointISO 11357283.0
Hot Deformation Temperature(1.8MPa)ISO 75260.0
Flame Retardancy

Thermal propertyunitTesting StandardTest Result
Dielectric StrengthkV/mmIEC 60243-
Dielectric Constant
IEC 60250-
Dielectric Loss Factor
IEC 60250-
Volume ResistivityΩ・cmIEC 60093-
Comparative Tracking IndexVIEC 60112-

Injection Molding ConditionsunitReference Value
Drying Tmperature130-150
Drying TimeHrs3-4
Heating temperature of cylinder290-320
Nozzle Temperature300-320
Mold Temperature120-150
Injection PressureMpa80-150
Packing PressureMpa30-70